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The Importance of a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Individual suffering from dual diagnosis may face greater difficulty than other substance abuse treatment patients. If both substance abuse and a mental disorder are diagnosed, the patient may go back and forth between mental illness and substance abuse addiction treatment centers.

Substance abuse makes almost every aspect of care for the person with mental illness more complicated. They may not be able to be taken care of at home or accepted in drug rehab programs. Both domestic violence and suicide attempts are more common, and a high percentage of the mentally ill who end up in jail turn to alcohol addiction and substance abuse.

Dual diagnosis treatment can be hard to impart to an individual needing dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis can be difficult to come to as it takes time to untangle the interacting effects of substance abuse and mental illness. However, dual diagnosis is becoming more and more recognized, and some substance abuse treatment centers are becoming experts at addressing dual diagnosis in their addiction treatment programs.

Look for a drug rehab center that is dually licensed as a special psychiatric health and behavioral health facility. All patients should receive focused treatment to address their symptoms and achieve an understanding of disorders and the changes they can make to prevent further dual diagnosis disease behaviors.

This Dual Diagnosis Rehab Center should serve patients having some type of mental disorder and also requiring addiction treatment. This Dual Disorders Program should be designed to identify and address all these problems, combining the resources of both mental health and substance abuse fields for a dynamic program addressing the needs of patients with one or several diagnoses.

In addition to substance abuse treatment, the highly qualified staff should offer specialized individual and group therapy for depression, anxiety, sexual addiction, abuse and trauma resolution, eating disorders, and more. And also provide medication management and individual counseling for a wide range of mental illnesses and other personality and behavioral disorders.

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